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Why Invisalign Might Be More Affordable Than You Think

Posted on July 30, 2021

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Getting braces can seem like a massive undertaking sometimes, especially if all you’ve ever known is traditional metal braces. The wires, the brackets, picking food out of your teeth… we don’t blame you if none of this seems particularly appealing, even if you’ve always wanted straight teeth. But when you visit a reputable Invisalign orthodontist, that all goes away.

Not only does Invisalign have over a 96% patient satisfaction rate, but it might actually be more affordable than you think. Even though Invisalign is usually more expensive in terms of dollars in most markets, the benefits could be priceless. Once you read through them below, you might consider Invisalign braces a wonderful investment.

No More Social Embarrassment

To put it bluntly, one of the biggest reasons why people fear getting adult braces is because of the social embarrassment that can result from them. Society is used to seeing teenagers and young people with braces, but it still looks somewhat awkward to see a full-grown adult with bright pink brackets and metal wires sticking out of their mouth. Even though we understand that this is a step toward self-improvement, there is no getting around that braces stick out like a sore thumb. However, that all changes when you visit an Invisalign orthodontist and get invisible braces. No more social embarrassment, no more fear. Just pure straight teeth and a wonderful smile!

Leisure to Eat and Drink Without Worry

Even if you would never get embarrassed about braces, surely you must realize that picking corn or your favorite sandwich out of your braces is incredibly annoying. Some people even have legitimate concerns that they’ll eat something sticky or hard and crack or ruin their braces and have to make an emergency orthodontist appointment. When you have normal metal braces, the simple act of eating and drinking can become a burden, which is unfortunate because we have to do it every single day! By visiting an Invisalign orthodontist and getting invisible braces, you can simply take out your trays whenever you eat or drink and have a normal meal again. Can you even measure this relief and simplicity in dollars?

Don’t Fret About Unclean Teeth

Like how Invisalign trays allow you to eat and drink normally, the relief that patients can experience from being able to clean their teeth fully can be comforting. No matter if you’re a clean freak or simply would rather have excellent oral hygiene, traditional metal braces just get in the way. By being able to remove Invisalign trays at will and fully clean or floss your teeth can be just as refreshing as taking a shower or washing your hands. That “just brushed” clean feeling is something that everyone appreciates, and a quality Invisalign orthodontist can help you achieve it.

Invisalign Qualifies for Discounts

Because Invisalign is increasing in popularity, there are more and more ways to pay for it with each passing day. From orthodontist payment plans to insurance specials, Invisalign’s higher cost can be offset in several ways that make it comparable to traditional metal braces. Yet, when you examine all of the benefits above, it almost doesn’t seem fair to compare such a high-quality product to its traditional counterpart. Regardless, there are a variety of specials, family discounts, and promotions for veterans and other groups that can help.

When Braces Are This Easy, They’re Worth Every Penny

There’s no doubt that Invisalign braces might cost you more than traditional metal ones. But if you’re going to a reputable Invisalign orthodontist, we think that you’ll consider it worth every penny. From never having to deal with wire and bracket adjustments to being able to smile your best smile in every picture, getting braces treatment with Invisalign has a whole host of hidden benefits that quickly erase differences in cost. The simple fact of being able to take out your Invisalign trays when you eat or drink your favorite meals might be worth thousands of dollars in embarrassment to some people, and it’s up to you to find out how Invisalign can benefit you. When you’re ready for the full Invisalign treatment, be sure to call Lee Orthodontics to make your appointment today!