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5 Reasons to Leave Teeth Whitening to the Pros

Posted on September 20, 2022

teeth whitening

Your teeth may lose their natural white color due to different factors. Teeth stains may arise from age, health issues, or lifestyle habits such as smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. Stained teeth can lower your self-esteem and leave you in a position where you have to backtrack. The professional whitening procedure can be costly, but it’s worth the money. Here are five reasons why you should leave the whitening task to the professionals:

Professional Services Are Safer

When it comes to maintaining health and wellness, safety comes first on the list. At-home teeth whitening kits can have a lot of risks and side effects including nerve damage, shrinking gums, and stomach problems. On the other hand, your professional orthodontist can make a specially tailored mold for each patient. They also guide and follow you to monitor your progress. In case of any notable side effects, the professional knows how to respond accordingly or prevent them in the first place.

You Get Additional Checkup

Your orthodontist can get to the root of your problem with quality expertise. If your teeth have underlying issues like cavities, the dentist will treat those first. In addition, they’ll do a thorough checkup before the start of the whitening process and advise on the right option to proceed with. Prior guidance can save you time, money, and the risk of making a severe, uninformed mistake.

You Can Boost Your Self-Confidence

The smile on your face makes an impression. However, many people with stained or brown teeth may be more hesitant to display an ear-to-ear smile. According to Stanford Press, orthodontic treatment could benefit 50%-70% of people today. Seeking the orthodontic teeth whitening service could elevate your confidence in no time.

Professional Teeth Whitening Is Versatile and Convenient

Many people opt for store-bought kits because they think mold administering takes a long time to take effect. However, the complete procedure is simple and needs only a small portion of your time. Unknown to you, teeth whitening can be done in less than an hour. You also get immediate results right before you leave for home.

You Can Afford the Professional Teeth Whitening

You may have thought that your budget cannot accommodate professional teeth whitening, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Dentists charge considerable amounts for the expert service based on the employed whitening type. In general, professional teeth whitening can be affordable and worth every penny. It all depends on what you choose!

You can brighten your stained teeth with any alternative that is best for you. The above reasons for considering professionals assure you of affordable, optimal, safe, and risk-free teeth whitening. At Lee Ortho, we’re ready to help you regain your bright smile through professional teeth whitening. Call us today.