Lee Orthodontics

Retainer Assurance Program

The day your braces come off is a day to remember. Your new smile is finally ready for prime time and it’s such a great feeling. Wearing a retainer is the best way to insure that your teeth stay in their proper position and your new smile stays straight.

When your treatment is complete at Lee Orthodontics, you will receive a clear, Invisalign-like retainer to wear at night. With the Retainer Assurance Program, if you ever lose your retainers or damage them, we will make new ones for you at no charge.

Did You Know?

If you don’t wear your retainer, your teeth can continue to shift throughout your life. Wearing your retainer is an essential part of ensuring that you enjoy a long lasting, beautiful smile. Because we are so committed to giving our patients amazing smiles that last a lifetime, we offer the Retainers Assurance Program. This program helps to keep you from ever needing to replace retainers at full price. This program is also available to individuals who are not our patients or have received treatment elsewhere.

This program includes up to four free retainer sets per year for the rest of your life!