Lee Orthodontics

Why Choose Us

Our goal is to provide the highest quality and most advanced orthodontic care in a friendly, pleasant atmosphere to our patients and their families. We want to acquaint you with some of the factors that determine high quality orthodontic services:

advanced orthodontic care

Individualized Treatment Planning: No two patients need the exact same orthodontic treatment. Some orthodontic problems are minor in nature and some are quite severe. In our office, the treatment plan is tailored specifically to each patient’s individual needs using the most current computer imaging programs available.

Highest Quality Materials and Most Advanced Technology: The quality of the braces, wires and appliances used can differ. We use only the highest quality and most advanced materials, such as heat activated wires, and Temporary Anchorage Devices in order to give you the very best orthodontic treatment available.

Latest Treatment Techniques: In addition to advancements in orthodontic materials, new treatment techniques are always being developed to improve both quality and efficiency in treatment. Our orthodontic team, including both the doctor and staff, attend continuing education courses and lectures by world-renowned speakers to keep up to date with the latest treatment techniques.

Digital Imaging: Digital facial and intraoral photographs allow us to plan, explain and discuss treatment with our patients and their families. Our use of digital radiography allows us to treat patients faster and more efficiently, with the lowest possible radiation exposure necessary. Digital radiography is also more environmental-friendly, because traditional film developing and processing chemicals are no longer necessary.

Digital facial and intraoral photographs


Temporary Anchorage Devices: TADs are a revolutionary technique that combines the tremendous benefits of implant technology and orthodontics. They are special titanium fixtures that allow orthodontists to move teeth in ways that have never been possible before. TADs may be used in certain cases to provide better or faster treatment plans that would be otherwise not possible.

Clear, Gold, or Colored Appliances: We have a number of different colors to choose from to put on your braces. These colors can be changed at each visit. Alternatively, clear ceramic brackets are much less noticeable than traditional or gold braces. Your retainers can also be made in an infinite variety of designs and colors.

Invisalign: Wearing braces may be holding you back from the smile you’ve always wanted. Fortunately, there’s good news! Invisalign is a state-of-the-art alternative to braces that is practically undetectable to others. Invisalign straightens your teeth without the usual brackets and wires, but with a series of clear, removable appliances called aligners customized individually to each patient.

Oral Hygiene Program: Orthodontic appliances require meticulous attention to good oral hygiene. Excellent brushing technique, flossing with orthodontic appliances, and fluoride rinses are all parts of our oral hygiene program. This not only reduces dental decay but also decalcification or “white spots” on your teeth. Our staff will assist you to achieve excellent oral hygiene.