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Let Family Orthodontics Help Your Teeth

Posted on July 9, 2021

family orthodontics

In the days of yesteryear, braces used to be for teenagers and those with wayward teeth. Now, some 4 million Americans are wearing braces, according to the American Association of Orthodontists. Every year more people recognize that braces are helpful for a variety of oral conditions, and always give you the result of having amazing straight teeth.

If your family has members that could benefit from getting braces treatment, why not go into the orthodontist office together and see if you can all get them at the same time? Far from being unusual, family orthodontics is a growing trend where multiple people in a family have braces at the same time. In fact, there can be many benefits to everyone being treated at once, which we’d be only too glad to detail below.

A Family That Gets Braces Together Smiles Together

There is an old adage that says, “a family that prays together stays together.” While this may or may not be true for your family, we’d like to submit an updated version: “a family that gets braces together smiles together.” Not only is it quirky and fun to say when you’ve got a mouth full of braces, but it’s literally true! Even if the other members of your family have different time frames for when they get their braces off, you’ll still be smiling together and be able to help each other along during your braces journey. When you embrace family orthodontics, you’ll no longer have just one member of the family who needs to avoid certain foods or has to floss a certain way. You’ll all be in it together and can help each other along, just as a family should.

Differing Age Groups Require Special Care

Another one of the benefits of going to a family orthodontics office is that the orthodontists are specially trained to know that different age groups require different levels of care. While it may be relatively easy to get younger children on the track to straight teeth, it might not be so for mom and dad. In this case, you’ll receive higher quality care at a family orthodontics office than another place that specializes in adolescents or older individuals. You can have the braces treatment that’s correct for you, when you need it most, catered to your age and oral health requirements.

Family Discount, Anyone?

As if the reasons that we’ve listed above aren’t enough to sway you, did you happen to know about family discounts? It’s rare to encounter an orthodontist that doesn’t do family discounts, especially if they run a family orthodontics practice. When multiple members of your family receive braces, the discount can be quite substantial. If enough members of your family get treatment, you may end up getting a set of braces for free or at almost no cost. Individuals rarely get this level of cost savings, so consider yourself lucky to be able to take advantage of “wholesale prices” when it comes to getting your family straight teeth and healthy mouths.

A Holiday Card You’ll Always Remember

Instead of singling out one member of the family to have braces during photo shoots for holiday cards, can you imagine what it will look like when you all have them? You’ll probably want to send a card to your local family orthodontics office! In a similar vein to what we’ve mentioned above, being able to take a family photo or holiday card picture where everyone is wearing braces becomes something to embrace and remember, not toss in the “never look at” category. While one day the braces will be off and you’ll all have wonderful smiles, the photo of everyone with their braces will be a casual reminder of the unique time you spent together.

Straight Teeth for the Whole Family

When you embrace family orthodontics and get everyone in your family on the track to straight teeth, you’ve made a good decision. Not only will it actually improve the oral health of everyone, but they’ll end up looking and feeling better in the long run. You’ll be able to take advantage of family discounts, and probably have a unique holiday card or two to always remember. Everyone in your family will get their personalized level of care at Lee Orthodontics, so what are you waiting for?