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Invisalign: Tips to Help You Survive the First Weeks

Posted on June 18, 2021

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Invisalign is an effective orthodontic treatment preferred by many patients for different reasons. They are almost invisible, inconspicuous, and removable. The aligners work perfectly to fix all kinds of malocclusion. If you want to correct misaligned teeth (inconspicuously), Invisalign is the answer.

Approximately 1.4 million adults visit the dentist each year to get a perfect smile. Consequently, over 35% of adults have well-aligned front teeth. This data proves that unlike a decade or two ago when adult orthodontic treatment was rare, thanks to treatment options like Invisalign and linear braces, adult treatments are now common.

Invisalign Tips and Tricks

There is naturally some confusion about the treatment process. With the help of this post, including frequently asked questions, quick tips, potential problems, and warnings, you will soon know how to take care of your aligners and teeth for the best results.

1. Address the Discomfort and Pain

Even though Invisalign is less painful as compared to traditional braces, it would be false to say you will feel zero pain or discomfort. The aligners shift your teeth using tender pressure. Therefore, you will experience mild pain, especially during the first week of your treatment

How do you control the pain? Well, since discomfort subsides after a week or two, you can take OTC pain killers after consulting with your orthodontist. You might also find chewing exercises beneficial as you get used to the aligners.

2. Wear the Aligners Correctly

It may seem irrelevant, but your treatment period and results are directly impacted by how you insert and remove the aligners, as well as how long you wear them. Usually, orthodontic specialists recommend wearing Invisalign for twenty-two hours per day, unless instructed otherwise by your family orthodontist

Only remove the aligners to eat and brush your teeth. Whenever you are tempted to put the clear aligners in your pocket or leave them as you go shopping, jogging, or to work, think of that perfect smile you desire.

3. Protect Your Tongue

During the first two weeks, it is common to get sores on your tongue. The reason being you are not used to the rough and sharp plastic edges of your clear aligners. The best way to control this before your tongue toughens up is by using dental wax. If this does not work for you, ask your orthodontist for a more effective solution.

4. Create and Maintain a Routine

Getting through the first six weeks of Invisalign can be hard unless you create a routine that is easy to follow. Try as much as possible to take your tray out and insert them at the same time every day. Additionally, make it a habit to store your clear aligners at the same spot and practice a good oral health pattern seven days a week.

Your dental care routine will ensure your aligners are in good condition and your teeth align evenly and quickly.

5. Ask Your Orthodontist All the Questions

In case you notice anything unusual, your orthodontist should have all the answers. Remember, they have the knowledge and skills to remedy any problems you may encounter during your Invisalign treatment.

Again, it’s always important to carefully note down any unfamiliar changes even after the first follow-up and call your orthodontist or bring it up during your next appointment, depending on the urgency.

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If you are thinking of aligning your teeth as a young adult, adult, or senior, then clear aligners may be the way to go. So, book a consultation today with Lee Orthodontics in Abilene, Texas, and be a step closer to that impeccable smile.