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Four Physical Issues That Orthodontists Can Correct

Posted on September 8, 2020

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When your family dentist first refers you or your child to orthodontist offices, you may be a little surprised. A lot of people who are referred to orthodontists don’t realize that they are their loved ones need those services. Many of us associated orthodontic work with extremely apparent aesthetic issues, like crooked or missing teeth.

But in fact, braces and other types of orthodontic equipment and procedures can be used to correct or prevent a number of different issues. Usually, these issues are first recognized by a family dentist, who will then refer the patient to an orthodontist in order to determine exactly what the problem is and how it should be treated.

Many believe that orthodontic treatments are entirely meant to correct aesthetic issues, without any benefits beyond the cosmetic. The problems that can affect those without proper orthodontic treatments extend far beyond simple cosmetic issues; but it should be remembered that being self-conscious of your smile can be hard to bear, and can deeply affect a person’s self esteem.

Below are some of the issues that orthodontic treatment can assuage on a more physical and serious level.

1. A Misaligned Jaw

Perhaps one of the main reasons why people find themselves searching for orthodontist offices is that of a misaligned jaw. Usually, a misaligned jaw is the result of an uneven bite. This is perhaps why the second most common reason why people get braces is an overbite. While a misaligned jaw may or may be aesthetically apparent, it can cause long-term problems.

Many experience pain due to the crowding caused by a misaligned jaw, and over time these problems can result in complications with your TMJ. Your TMJ, which stands for temporal mandibular joint, can give you real, persistent pain if it’s under stress.

Not only do orthodontic treatments for a misaligned jaw cut down on this pain; they can also result in you have a more symmetrical face, having cosmetic benefits that go beyond the teeth.

2. Periodontal Problems

Many people don’t realize how severe periodontal problems can become, and that they can’t simply be treated by your family dentist most of the time. Quite often, people are surprised to be referred to orthodontist offices to treat issues with their gums.

Often, periodontal problems arise because people have issues with properly reaching and cleaning their misaligned teeth. As such, the gums also cannot be tended to and cared for properly. Some people find it impossible even to floss due to how tightly their teeth are crowded.

Teeth are much easier to care for when they are straight and properly aligned, and ultimately this will result in healthier gums and less of a risk for gum disease.

3. Chewing And Speech Problems

A lot of people don’t realize that problems with chewing and speech are often caused by a misaligned bite.

Over or underbites, overcrowded mouths, and even crooked teeth can ultimately result in slurred speech or lisping, as well as difficulty with completely chewing food which can later result in stomach issues.

Quite often, it’s recommended that children with speech impediments get braces; and with good reason, clearly.

4. Unmatched Dental Midlines

A dental midline might not be something that you’re familiar with. However, if you’re currently looking up orthodontist offices, you may very well be doing so because you have an unmatched dental midline. The dental midline is the midsagittal line between the upper and lower jaw.

The set of your jaw and the way your face looks can be seriously affected if the midline is off by just a bit of space. Your teeth can be realigned, and your midline corrected, through braces. Furthermore, this can also affect the way that your teeth fit together.

You could be suffering right now unnecessarily, simply because your dental midline is off.

There are plenty of orthodontist offices to choose from, though you may be able to take a referral from your family dentist. Even if you have yet to be given a referral; should you have crowded teeth or a painful bite, think about seeking out a consultation with an orthodontist. It could make a much bigger difference in your life than you realize.