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Common Questions About Invisalign, Answered

Posted on September 20, 2022

Some people think that metal braces are the only option for straightening their teeth, but Invisalign is becoming increasingly popular — especially with adults. According to Visually, patients in North America reported a 96% satisfaction rate with their Invisalign treatment, which is why you may be considering it for yourself. Let’s find out more about… Read more »

5 Reasons to Leave Teeth Whitening to the Pros

Posted on September 20, 2022

Your teeth may lose their natural white color due to different factors. Teeth stains may arise from age, health issues, or lifestyle habits such as smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. Stained teeth can lower your self-esteem and leave you in a position where you have to backtrack. The professional whitening procedure can be costly, but… Read more »

3 Essential Tips for Flossing With Braces

Posted on September 20, 2022

When you have braces, it’s important to clean between your teeth to prevent plaque build-up. Plaque can irritate your teeth and gums and affect the alignment of your teeth. Along with regular tooth brushing, using dental floss can help keep your mouth healthy and prolong the life of your dental work. Read on to identify… Read more »

How to Choose the Right Adult Braces

Posted on August 15, 2022

Many people consider their smile to be their most important feature. Several orthodontic issues can affect your smile, including crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and teeth gaps. Fortunately, braces can help correct these conditions. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, about four million Americans are wearing braces. Here’s how you can go about choosing the… Read more »

Questions to Ask About Metal Braces

Posted on August 10, 2022

Metal braces are often recommended as a treatment option for a wide range of corrections. According to Kids Health, the typical amount of time a person will have to wear metal braces is about two years. There are several questions you should ask before you or your child gets braces to ensure success.   What… Read more »

Reasons You Might Need an Orthodontist

Posted on August 10, 2022

An orthodontist is a dentist with additional years of education and training. They specialize in treatments that can correct the position of the teeth and jaw. There are several reasons you may need to see an orthodontist. Bite Issues Bite issues can be noticeable or barely detectable. The most common bite issues include underbite, overbite,… Read more »

Why Aftercare Is Important Following Invisalign Treatments

Posted on July 26, 2022

That moment when you realize you are about to remove your last set of Invisalign aligners and unveil your brand new smile is an exciting time! You also know that you won’t be getting another set of aligners installed at your next office visit, so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. Even though… Read more »

Why Clear Braces Are a Good Option

Posted on July 6, 2022

People generally enjoy being around individuals who smile a lot. Unfortunately, there are things that can make you feel self-conscious about your smile. For instance, if your teeth are crowded. The good thing is this can be corrected. According to Health Line, more than 3.5 million American kids and teenagers get braces each year. Unlike… Read more »

How to Find Affordable Braces for Your Family

Posted on June 22, 2022

Introduction Every parent’s dream is to offer their children their dream life. They will go every mile to ensure that their children grow healthy both physically and mentally. Orthodontic treatments not only ensure that children have healthy teeth but also promote healthy social lives as children are more confident in their appearance when their teeth… Read more »

Invisalign Myths Debunked

Posted on June 6, 2022

Invisalign treatment is one of the most popular dental treatments out there. It’s one of the most productive orthodontic procedures people use to correct their teeth even though traditional metal braces are more preferred among the public. Undergoing an Invisalign procedure at an orthodontist office brings with it lots of advantages but there are certain… Read more »