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4 Smart Reasons Why Traditional Braces Are Still a Top Choice

Posted on July 23, 2021

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A beautiful smile with straight teeth is an aspect few people are naturally born with. However, orthodontic treatment from a braces office can provide beautiful results. Advancements within the field of orthodontics have given patients many options for braces.

A local braces office can give you the personalized treatment you need by helping you select the best type of braces to correct your specific orthodontic problem. Treatments may include various appliances such as Invisalign or traditional metal braces. The time you need to wear braces will vary depending on the type of braces you get and your specific alignment problems. On average, the length of time people should wear braces is approximately 2 years.

As it turns out, traditional braces are still a top choice. Technology has made getting metal braces much easier. The size of brackets has been reduced so they are less noticeable and even more efficient. You have a choice of gold, metal, or ceramic brackets too.

Different colors for ties are another option that makes a visit to the orthodontic office a fun and colorful experience. Traditional braces still give the best start. Below are four more smart reasons to invest in traditional braces.

1. Traditional Braces Still Fix More Problems

Your local braces office will confirm that starting with traditional braces is still the best option for most patients. Clear aligners, while an attractive choice, may not be an ideal choice since they cannot fix every problem. You would end up spending more money and get worse results.

2. You Cannot Remove Traditional Braces

Worry-free traditional braces are affixed by your braces office and cannot be removed yourself. They are a type of braces treatment that is worn for the entire treatment before being removed by your orthodontist. You will make occasional visits to your orthodontist’s office to have them tightened so they effectively move your teeth.

3. Metal Braces Are Perfect for Any Age

Some options for teeth straightening, such as Invisalign, are not available for children. Invisible aligners can only do so much. That’s why traditional braces are still a perfect choice for every age. They are a tried-and-true method for straightening teeth that have made their mark as being a top option for aligning teeth.

4. Traditional Braces Tend to Be More Affordable

Orthodontic treatments are not usually cheap. However, traditional braces tend to cost less and are more cost-effective. Plus, you won’t lose a set of aligners and have to replace them which can be expensive during the course of treatment.

Don’t Wait to Seek Treatment

Whether your child needs braces or your teen, you shouldn’t wait. Even if you need braces, don’t wait any longer. If you wait to seek treatment, you could be making a big mistake. Orthodontic problems are fixed better when they are caught early. Young children can get started on ortho procedures before they need to get braces. This will give them a better start with less treatment time.

Consult with an Orthodontist

Thanks to traditional braces, a beautiful smile can be achieved whether you are a child, teen, or an adult. Your orthodontist will guide you through the process of getting braces and let you know which options are better for you. Not all orthodontic treatments are ideal for all patients.

Regardless, your smile will benefit from braces no matter the type of appliance used. The application of sure and gentle pressure will slowly adjust your teeth into proper alignment. Make an appointment to consult with a local orthodontist to start the process.