What our customers say about us

Here's what people are saying about Lee Orthodontics.

Mikayla C.

"Lee Orthodontics is awesome! Me and my parents love them. They are very friendly, and will work with you if you have any problems."

Harlee H.

"I love lee orthodontics because everyone there is really really really really nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are #1!"

Brian M.

"Awesome service. Staff is always friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Great environment to get the work I wanted."

Ruby G.

"What I have noticed since my first visit is that all employees look so happy to be at work and that makes me feel very comfortable, every one has such a positive attitude and great smiles too!!!"

Lincoln R.

"Thanks for another Great visit at Lee Orthodontics! The new office is awesome!"

Morgan F.

"I love lee ortho! Every one is kind and friendly and you start to remember faces and learn names within the first couple of visits!"

Jilian G.

"Lee orthodontics is very caring about each and everyone they are caring for!! They are very kid friendly, I would recommend them any day!!:-)"