Lee Orthodontics

It’s fun, it’s simple, and it’s way cool!

Lee Orthodontics is proud to introduce our 7 & Up Program that is designed especially for our young patients who are not quite ready for orthodontic treatment.

So how does the 7 & Up Program work?

At Lee Orthodontics, we do everything possible to make your orthodontic experience exciting and fun! If you are not ready to begin orthodontic treatment, you will be invited to join our 7 & Up Observation Program. When you join our club, you will receive your very own 7 & Up Packet. You’ll also have access to fun office events, exclusive contests, and cool prizes just for 7 & Up members. Learning about braces can be educational and fun!

What is the & & Up Observation Program?

The 7 & Up Observation Program is for patients who are not ready for treatment and have been placed on a 6 month recall. This program enables us to monitor the eruptive pattern of the permanent teeth, and monitor the growth of the jaws. Sometimes, poor eruption patterns of permanent teeth may be eliminated with early removal of baby teeth which may reduce the treatment time required for braces.
We will notify your general dentist of any recommendations made during your visit. Dr. Lee normally will see the patients on recall every 6-9 months to observe their progress as they grow and develop. This program is completely free and is designed to help Dr. Lee determine the optimum time to begin treatment, and achieve the best possible result for your child.

7 & Up Observation Program Benefits

  • Enables us to monitor a child’s development with periodic check-ups at no charge.
  • Intercepts any skeletal and dental abnormalities at an early age with limited measures to guide facial growth, tooth eruptions, and tooth positions.
  • Minimizes more extensive and lengthy treatment at a later age.
  • Achieves results that are unattainable once the face and jaws have finished growing.
  • Enables us to support the patient’s general dental care with a team approach